Industry Update: Auckland Zoo’s biggest-ever project is coming to life!

Auckland Zoo biggest project ever

With our track-record for completing audits on small to large infrastructure projects, our team of assurance specialists are always keeping an eye on some of the most exciting local and international industry updates. The Auckland Zoo’s project is one that we have loved reading about in November.

The most ambitious development ever undertaken at Auckland Zoo is already winning awards, and with new sections under construction now, it will be a must-see attraction as soon as it reopens. The South-East Asia Jungle Track is a $60 million project that encompasses a new café and high canopy (opened late last year) plus a soon-to-be opened lowlands tiger habitat and a tropical dome ‘swamp forest’.

Although the project faced some delays due to the recent lockdown restrictions, construction on the lowlands and swamp forest areas restarted under level 3. The new 35m boardwalk should be ready to go by Christmas. Once complete, the lowlands area will house the new Sumatran tigers due to arrive in 2022, as well as an adjoining otter habitat. The swamp forest will provide a climate-controlled ecosystem for crocodiles, fish, turtles and tortoises.

You can see photos of the work underway here, or read about how the already completed high canopy habitat recently won a prestigious Australian award for innovative design that advances animal welfare.

It’s wonderful to see projects that highlight the importance to protect species and improve animals’ wellbeing by  educating the next generation about conservation and sustainability.

Major projects, such as this development at Auckland Zoo, carry a lot of complexity. Here at IMA Services, our team of experienced quality assurance auditors can reduce extra costs and assist to keep projects within budget by providing the clarity needed to make well-informed decisions. 

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