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Yvonne Wang BBus, MPA

Yvonne Wang

Yvonne Wang - BBus, MPA



Yvonne became interested in accounting and taxation at school, and discovered immediately that she found the subject both interesting and easy. She has now carried that interest and skill through into her burgeoning career. She has a bachelor’s degree in accounting from AUT, and a master’s degree in professional accounting, also from AUT. As an assurance accountant, Yvonne really enjoys working across a variety of different accounts and projects at IMA – she finds that, because every review is different, her auditing work is compelling and engaging.

Yvonne was born in China and moved to New Zealand in 2017. She loved it and remained here after her studies to take up full-time work. She is currently continuing her professional development by working towards her Chartered Accountancy qualification, and in her spare time is a keen badminton player.