Why we love the Alliance Model

Alliance Model for Infrastructure

When you want to deliver projects with significant risk and scope uncertainty, and you need a flexible approach, the alliance model is ideal.

It starts with construction and design partners being selected on capability and attitude, without any direct competition on price. Then with all the partners on board, they can work.

Alliancing provides multi-disciplinary synergies between an infrastructure agency, a contractor and a designer. Together,  they can come up with ‘best for project’ solutions by sharing the risks while simultaneously rewarding innovation and performance.

Alliances have been used successfully in the public sector for many years – they are a proven and productive tool for building modern infrastructure. Working in an alliance also gives people and businesses the opportunity to broaden their management capabilities.

By fostering a fresh industry dynamic between the participants, alliancing makes our businesses more productive and more innovative.  If you’re interested in understanding more about the alliance model and how to manage it, chat to one of our team who knows all about how it works.