Have you visited our new office?  

As Infrastructure enthusiasts we like feel close to the action, so we are delighted with our new office space on Boston Road.  It’s been a busy year and our expansion has meant new faces and a need for more room.  If you haven’t been in to see us recently, you’ll find us on the 1st Floor now, and look forward to welcoming you.

IMA Services has recently stepped out from behind SME Financial Ltd with our own unique branding too. We’ve worked hard to reflect our philosophy of ‘demanding brilliant clarity’, so let us know what you think!

Assurance for big infrastructure is central to ensuring projects – and budgets – play out as planned. Our core value of transparency is at the heart of being able to give complete clarity to our clients and alliances to ensure those jobs are done with the rigour they require. 


Come in to discuss your project 

We’re close to the central city so make a time to come in that suits.

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