At IMA, our team of assurance specialists have a track-record of completing audits on small to large infrastructure projects. We have seen it all! So, here is what we have to say about some of the positive impacts that infrastructure projects can have on New Zealand both now and in the future.  

More than just disruptions

Huge infrastructure projects often feel disruptive. This can be because they’re digging up the road, blocking your driveway, or putting on a bus replacement service. And although we can all agree these disruptions are frustrating, these projects are important for so many reasons. Consider that it’s not just about the end product like the new road, the power lines, or the train station. Many of these major infrastructure investments are also actually leading Aotearoa toward a lower-carbon future.

Infrastructure projects building a better New Zealand

Did you know that transport is responsible for 21% of New Zealand’s total emissions? Here are some of the ways infrastructure projects are reducing emissions from transport:

  • Projects that improve our rail services, like the City Rail Link, help reduce the number of cars on the road.
  • Investing in the electric vehicle charging network is speeding up the adoption of zero-emissions cars and supporting people who already own EVs.
  • Strategic urban development and town planning is encouraging more connected city centres. Which, is reducing our reliance on cars. This will also improve the well-being of people who live in these places. This is because the air will be clearer, their transport costs will be lower, and they can enjoy the health benefits of walking and cycling.

So next time you’re stuck in road works, it might be a slight consolation to think that it could be a tiny part of the enormous global fight against climate change. Hopefully, these infrastructure projects are making life better for all New Zealanders – this generation and the next.

We’re helping New Zealand advance

There are a lot of complexities to major transport infrastructure projects. Here at IMA Services, our team of experienced quality assurance auditors are ready to help. 

By reducing extra costs, we can assist to keep projects within budget. We will provide you with the clarity you need to make well-informed decisions. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. We all have a role to play in helping Aotearoa advance. 

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