We’ve got a track-record of completing audits on small to large infrastructure projects. As a result, our team of assurance specialists are always keeping an eye on some of the most exciting local and international industry updates.  Here is an exciting update we hope you enjoy reading about. 

The last few stages of the Queen Street upgrade are underway

As part of creating a more beautiful, pedestrian-friendly street, the final stages of the Queen Street project are finally underway!  As we understand, there will no longer be any general parking on the street. However, loading and mobility spaces, in addition to essential vehicles areas will remain.

Making the CBD greener and more appealing

You can also  expect much wider paths stretching from the bottom of Queen Street all the way up to Aotea Square. They will feature space for pedestrians and a multi-use lane for slower cyclists and scooter riders. 

This ‘golden mile’ is designed to “humanise the street and draw people back to the city”, says Councillor Chris Darby, chair of the planning committee. The area will also feature mature trees and planters filled with native foliage for a greener and more appealing feel. 

Mayor Phil Goff says it’s all part of giving Auckland a world-class and people-friendly city centre, particularly since the CBD was hard-hit by Covid lockdowns. “It will help rejuvenate Queen Street, drive the recovery from COVID-19 and create a city centre that will draw people from Auckland, New Zealand and eventually around the world to visit, work, shop, live and enjoy.”

We can help with major projects like this!

There are a lot of complexities to major projects such as the Queen Street upgrade. Here at IMA Services, our team of experienced quality assurance auditors are ready to help. 

We can reduce extra costs and assist to keep projects within budget by providing the clarity needed to make well-informed decisions. 

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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