We’ve got a track-record for completing audits on small to large infrastructure projects. As a result, our team of assurance specialists are always keeping an eye on some of the most exciting local and international industry updates. The latest breakthrough on the Auckland City Rail Link, for example, is one that we have loved reading about this month.

Breaking through despite the challenges 

October 17 was a milestone for the City Rail Link. Its massive tunnel boring machine (named Dame Whina Cooper) broke through into the K Road construction site. This was a massive achievement because it marked the end point of its long 860-metre boring journey, which started from Mt Eden to connect the two stations.

“Despite all the curve balls, complications and challenges Covid keeps throwing our way, we’ve arrived – it’s a positive, exciting and significant arrival,” said Dr Sean Sweeney, CRL Chief Executive. “Aucklanders can’t see it, but far below their streets a railway that is going to change their lives for the good is rapidly starting to take shape.”

Tunnel boring machine breaks through Karangahape Station

The video link below will give you some idea of just how incredible these tunnel boring machines are. This machine, for instance, was built in China by a German company, weighs 910 tonnes, is 130m long and cost around $13.5 million. (More mind-boggling data here.)

Moreover, this is happening right on our doorstep! That is because the IMA office is just a few minutes’ walk from the Mt Eden end of the City Rail Link – we are really excited to see this project come to life.

We can help with major projects like this!

Major projects such as this City Rail Link, carry a lot of complexity. However, here at IMA Services, our team of experienced quality assurance auditors do not shy away from the challenge! We can reduce extra costs and assist to keep projects within budget by providing the clarity needed to make well-informed decisions. 

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